Danakil Depression

Ethiopia boast one of the hottest places on earth with surreal land formations .

Located in the Danakil Depression in a remote area subject to the highest average temperatures on the planet, it is one of the most amazing sites to be seen on the planet. The effervescent colors and the surreal formations make Dallol other-worldly. The volcano encompasses Dallol Mountain and several other features in the vicinity, such as the crater near the "Black Mountain". One of the most commendable stops in Ethiopia for the adventure traveler.

Literally translated as “the mountain that smokes”, Ertale is a breathtaking occurrence in the middle of the desert; the best time to visit the Ertale is at dawn, just to avoid excessive heat, the walk from the near by village to the volcano may take 3 hours. Upon arrival the edge of the crater opens an exciting spectacle. Several craters emit fumes, a sign of massive volcanic activity. From the edge one can explore the crater where there are multicolored formations of lava and ash.  It is especially impressive in the evening because of the bubbling lava that is only visible at night. This is one of the 3 volcanoes in the world that is constantly active. 

It is also known as Lake Giulietti, the name Raimondo Franchetti bequeathed it, after the Italian explorer Giuseppe Maria Giulietti who was slain by Afars southwest of the lake. The single island in Lake Afrera, Franchetti Island (also known as "Deset"), located in the southern part of the lake, is considered the lowest-lying island in the world.

Ahmed Ela:

A plane of a salt from which the dedicated people of Afar do some salt mining during the winter, but in summer the village is almost abandoned because of the inhospitable nature of the temperature. A dazzling short trail reaches the white desert. In the middle of the plane lies an outcrop of reddish rock, a concretion formed by sulfate salt of magnesium. Around here, there are seasonally hundreds of camel caravans which serve as a means of transporting the blocks of salt. Truly an exceptional site.

The Afar Depression (also called the Danakil Depression or the Afar Triangle) is a geological depression, includes Afar Triple Junction, near the Horn of Africa, also a part of the Great Rift Valley, where it overlaps Eritrea, the Afar Region of Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

Afar is well known as one of the cradles of hominids, containing the Middle Awash, site of many fossil hominid discoveries such as Ardi, (ardipithecus ramidus); Gona (Gawis cranium), site of the world's oldest stone tools; and Hadar, site of Lucy, the fossilized specimen of Australopithecus afarensis.

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